We are based in South Devon with premises within a 500 year old Granary building which used to work as a watermill for grinding wheat. Kate Brook runs passed our garden where our herbs and microgreens grow in a protected environment.

We offer free delivery on orders over £10 within South Devon on every Thursday. Outside of this area we can offer next day courier delivery from £5.

Our Story
As someone who grew up enjoying cooking and, similar to anyone else who does the same, herbs have always played an accompanying role in my dishes.

It was only after visiting Azerbaijan during a work trip in 2015 I discovered that herbs played a much bigger role in their cuisine and in some dishes play the starring role. It is also usual for a bowl of fresh, uncut, herbs to be served alongside their main meals.

This lead to my interest being piqued and I became obsessed with getting the freshest and most diverse herbs available. Not only to recreate Azeri food but also to experiment in my own kitchen and introduce some new fresh flavours.

Not being satisfied with the diversity of herbs, and freshness, on offer Yasil was born. In homage to my inspiration Yasil is the Azeri word for green, and true to our name we offer locally grown fresh green herbs and microgreens from our herb garden in South Devon.