We grow and produce:

• Micro greens for adding to soups, sandwiches, flans, curries, tacos, buddah bowls, stews and salads (or anything really)
• Mini Microgreen Farm in a Tin (plus refills)
• Micro green pesto (vegetarian)
• Micro green vegan pesto
• Freshly dried handmade Bouquet Garnis – made from a specialised mix of seasonal herbs
• Seasonal herb pickles and vinegars

Understanding micro greens:

We grow micro greens in South Devon all year round. Micro greens are, as the name suggests, small green plants. The seeds are sown and cultivated for around 10 days depending on the crop grown.

Once the first leaf is developed the crop is then cut and packaged in our compostable packaging.

The first leaf is the initial stage of growth before the true leaf appears. Because of this early harvest the micro greens are full of nutrients and make a colourful addition to any dining table.

Our Products

Mini Microgreen Farm in a Tin


Salted wild garlic flowers


Selection box fortnightly subscription

£7.50 every 2 weeks

Offer: one pot of microgreens & one pot of pea shoots for £5


Pickled Wild Garlic Buds


Herb Salt (currently in season – Wild Garlic)


Pea Shoots 50g


Mixed microgreen salad 30g